Architectural Design

Our architects firm combines the four pillars of all good architectural design practices.

We create innovative, beautiful, inspirational designs by adopting an analytical and personalised approach to architectural design.

We have the highest level of technical expertise relevant to architectural design in Malta.

We carefully orchestrate human spatial narrations by working closely with our clients to consider their needs and all environmental aspects.
Finally, we are meticulous in our project administration, ensuring every project runs smoothly from start to finish.

As architects, we are driven by the belief that our surroundings reflect who we are and directly influence our quality of life at home, in the workplace and public spaces. Our objective is to deliver excellence. We are experts in remodelling all areas and levels. We have in-depth experience renovating and constructing offices, hotels, wine cellars, gymnasia, self-contained flats, and other spaces. Whether you are simply restyling a room or embarking on a complex developmental project, we are professionals in maximising the potential of every square meter within large or smaller spaces. Our team guarantees spatial harmony between the interior and exterior of each project, bringing the two together.

Planning Applications

We act as planning consultants, looking after every step of the tricky planning application process for you and taking care of the permissions required for work on listed buildings and new builds within different urban settings that sometimes need a varied approach.

The Laws and limitations to developments in Malta through the Planning Authority are precise, stringent and, at times, divided.

We assist our clientele when considering an investment in Malta to bring to light the parameters of the regulations that could affect the development they desire.

Our firm enjoys a solid professional relationship with the Planning Authorities, and we have an excellent record of negotiating Planning Applications and obtaining permissions for our client’s projects.

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Interior Design

Our objective is to create excellence. Our team are committed to effective communication and attention to detail, seamlessly integrating innovative, timeless designs with functionality. As a result, we create environments that provoke the senses and perform for the years to come.

Most of our projects are located in Malta, and our work stems from the client’s needs, priorities and, most importantly, intended budget.

We avoid passing trends and strive for consistency. We listen to each client’s desire, budget and vision and uniquely transform and capture the essence of each project’s personality, ensuring that it is as timeless as it is personal.

We select the best materials, fittings and furnishings, concentrating on functionality together with the aesthetic desired.

We believe in effective communication and long-standing relationships, which is why we are happy to collaborate with any outsourced Interior designers. Our team is always ready to combine individual knowledge and collectively expand your project’s creative potential.