Service Plans M&E

Before moving onto the second phase of the architectural challenge, the technicalities of a property space must be well executed. Unfortunately, this stage of development is often given little importance, and unless it is thought through properly, the repercussions can mean an undesired cost in both time and finances.

Detailed service plans can include several services of a site, such as;
Ceiling services, e.g. lighting, smoke and fire detection, sprinklers, air conditioning, and exit signs.

Floor services, e.g. power boxes, telephone main distribution frames, drainage (floor waste).

Primary services, e.g. sprinkler pipes, waste water pipes, cold water, gas supply.

Electrical services, e.g. distribution boards, electric panels, main switchboards, sub-boards.

Mechanical services, e.g. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), pipe runs, outlets

Fire services, e.g. sprinklers, intercom points, break glass alarms, emergency exit signs, emergency lighting (spitfires)


The structural implications of your project are considered and discussed with you from the earliest stages of development.

Our structural engineers and carefully sourced consultants have delivered on some of Malta’s most renowned schemes. With a robust approach, we tackle some of the most significant issues clients face and unlock some of the most constrained sites potential. Using cutting-edge advanced engineering technology and the dedication of our accomplished team, we’ve protected critical assets and developed solutions that make sites buildable.



With our clients’ demanding commercial and personal schedules and the practical requirements of working in Malta’s busy environment, meticulous Project Management is vital in carrying out trouble-free development work.

The key to good project management is creating solid groundwork during the planning stage, where we anticipate the work encountered from one step to the next.

With many years of experience running projects of this kind, the precision of our Project Management is second to none. From the outset, we anticipate and plan meticulously for each stage of its progress and allow for every eventuality.

As part of our start-to-finish Project Management, we will manage the progression of each application on your behalf, using our experience and trusted networks to deliver fast and clear approvals or directions, so your project can advance as quickly as possible.